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Art has been Peggy’s passion her whole life.  She has been drawing and sketching as long as she can remember.  At 16,  she started painting and sold her 1st painting that year.  At 18 she went to Europe to see firsthand the magnificent Artists that were displayed in the many Museums there.   She spent 3 years sketching, travelling, visiting museums and living in Greece.

She returned home and opened an art gallery/framing shop – selling her work as well as that of other artists.   However, as the gallery flourished she found little time to paint.   She expanded to a 2nd gallery and then a 3rd selling major artists and enjoying the life of Gallery Director.


When she retired and moved to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina she was once again free to indulge in her painting.  Portraying wildlife became her passion.   Through her art, she strives to make people aware of the diverse and unique character of the animal she is painting. 


Focusing on the eyes or “soul” of the animal she tries to convey his personality thereby giving people a chance to really relate to him.  “Hopefully this will encourage people to treasure our wildlife and encourage them to actively work to protect it.”


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651 E. Main St.
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

2089 Dillard Road
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 526-5577

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